Raymond Bao – Head Counselor

School: University of Maryland, College Park

Camper: 3 years (2014- 2016)

Counselor: 2 years (2017-2018) 


Hi everyone, my name is Raymond. I’ve been to camp for the past 5 years of my life and I’m always inspired by the community we have at WMACS. This year is my first year as head counselor and I want to do my best in providing the same amazing experience I had when I was a camper. To this day, I still consider the friends I made at camp my closest. We bum, gym, and study together on the daily. 

I study computer science at the University of Maryland and hope to become a software engineer one day. I’m a huge nerd so you can always talk to me about gaming, music, and TV shows. I look forward to meeting all of our campers this year! 


Jocelyn Lee – Head Counselor

School: University of Maryland – College Park

Camper: 7 years (2009-2013, 2015-2016)

Counselor: 2 years (2017-2018) 


Jocelyn is currently studying at the University of Maryland working towards a Bachelor’s in Animal Sciences and hopes to work in animal nutrition aimed towards rehabilitation. As of right now, she wants to work with companion animals however she is leaning more towards exotic animals. She loves to dance and has been dancing for 16 years! She also likes making crafts, baking, and cats. Feel free to show her any pictures of cats during camp. 

Jocelyn’s favorite parts about camp are the memories and the bonds that are made. As a camper, she has had priceless experiences and has met some of her closest friends. She is so excited to be back on the counselor team as head counselor and can’t wait to meet all the campers and experience WMACS with everyone!


Leslie Chen – Counselor

School: Carnegie Mellon University, 2019

Camper: 2 years (2010, 2015)

Counselor: 1st year!


Hi everyone!! My name is Leslie and I recently (this past May!) graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Biology and Psychology and a minor in Biomedical Engineering. After graduation, I took off on a month long trip to Taiwan and Korea with two of my best friends from college! Outside of school, I like trying new places to eat, going on (short) hikes and have been trying to get back into pottery and sculpting.


I am so so excited to be a counselor this year; I’ve really missed going to camp all these years. I looovve making friends and meeting new people so even though you may not know me don’t be afraid to come talk to me! I’m excited to see all your happy happy faces :))


David Ho – Counselor


School: University of Maryland College Park, 2019

Camper: 6 years (2010-2015)

Counselor: 3 years (2016-2018)


Hi everyone! My name is David, and I’m so excited to be coming back to WMACS for my 10th year of camp! I just graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Biochemistry and I’ll be working in the DMV area. I like to play basketball and volleyball, and I’m getting worse at Chinese yoyo with each passing year. When I’m bored, I like to play league and listen to K-Pop and Disney songs. I might not smile too often, but I’m always super happy to be at camp and to hang out with campers, so don’t be afraid to say hi!


Rita Chen – Counselor


School: University of Maryland College Park, 2020

Camper: 1 year (2016)

Counselor: First year 🙂


Rita is a rising senior at the University of Maryland majoring in Biology with a minor in Secondary Education, hoping to become a pharmacist. During her free time she loves to sing professionally in the shower, dance, cook and go thrift shopping to name a few of her hobbies. She also loves trying new things and highly encourages everyone to share their hobbies with her! Rita also loves turtles (go terps!) and has two pet turtles at home named Salsa and Bacon. 

This is Rita’s first year as a WMACS counselor and she is extremely excited to meet and make everlasting memories with everyone!


Ashling Zhang – Counselor

School: University of Maryland School of Medicine

Camper: 4 years (2011-2014)

Counselor: 3 years (2015, 2016, 2018)


Hi everyone, I’m Ashling! I graduated from Duke in 2018 and am currently a first-year at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Outside of classes, I enjoy amateur dancing, singing poor renditions of Disney songs, hiking, and reading. I’m unnecessarily proud of being one of those kids who always read all ten Black-Eyed Susan nominees. My life goal is to one day work with Doctors without Borders, because that’s probably the closest I’ll ever get to being a superhero. 

And of course, I can’t wait to return for WMACS – again! Spending time with campers is always a highlight of my year. If you ever want to talk about how excited you are for WMACS, rant about life, or need any advice whatsoever, feel free to shoot me a message on Facebook. I’d love to chat about pretty much anything!


Jason Chern – Counselor


School: University of Maryland, College Park (Class of 2019)

Camper: 2 years (2013, 2015)

Counselor: 3 years (2016, 2017, 2018)


Greetings! My name is Jason and he recently graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a Bachelor degree in Information Science. He loves going on adventures. Whether this is going on super late night drives with the windows rolled down or traveling the world, he hopes to do it all and live to tell the tale. After this summer, Jason will be doing software development and helping the world become a better place.

He is very excited to return to WMACS for the 4th year in a row. This place is where he met some people he still is in touch with to this day. This is where his home away from home is. Don’t be afraid to give him fist bumps at camp. He won’t bite. I promise :).

“Get ready for camp because this year is going to be a blast!” – wise man Jason.


Max Jin – Counselor

School: University of Maryland College Park, 2020

Camper: 5 years (2012-2016)

Counselor: First Year (2019)


Max is a rising senior at the University of Maryland,College Park, studying kinesiology with a focus on pre-physical therapy. His favorite hobby is playing volleyball. He also likes to workout, cook, watch tv shows, and playing guitar. He hasn’t been to camp in a while, but he can’t wait to be back this summer!


Justin Wu – Counselor

University of Maryland – College Park, 2020

Camper: 11 years! (2006 – 2016)

Counselor: 2 years (2017-2018)


Justin is currently a rising junior studying Supply Chain Management at the University of Maryland at College Park. He hopes to stick in the field of business for the rest of his college career.

Justin likes: Getting a good night’s sleep, going to the gym, eating relatively healthy, socializing occasionally, and aiming high at anything he does. This year, Justin is excited to come back as a second year counselor and hopes to have a great year with all of the campers!


Matthew Tung – Counselor


School: University of Maryland, College Park, 2020

Camper: 9 years (2008-2016)

Counselor: 2 Years (2017-2018)


Matthew is currently studying Information Science at the University of Maryland, College Park. A few of his favorite things to do are to sleep, play basketball, or eat pizza. I mean, he really loves pizza. Also, he claims he’s the 3 point master, so if anyone wants to challenge him, then he’ll always take on a challenge. A cool fact about him is that he actually slept 14 hours straight without waking up, pretty impressive right? Another thing to know is that he’s pretty short and small, so don’t mistake him for a camper. Other than that, he loves jokes and will probably laugh at any joke you say, regardless of how bad it is.

Matt’s favorite week of the year is definitely WMACS. He has been to camp for so many years, and now has the opportunity to be a counselor. He is very excited to join the counselor team and is ready to meet all the new campers! He has met so many close friends at camp and is thrilled to get to know many more!


Jimmy Ho – Counselor

School: University of Maryland, College Park, 2020

Camper: 7 years (2010-2016)

Counselor: Third Year


Hello everyone. My name is Jimmy and I’m a rising senior at the University of Maryland, College Park, studying Computer Science with a minor in Philosophy. Outside of school, I enjoy playing volleyball, working out, and playing basketball (I’m better than Matt Tung. Make sure to remind him of that) (TF?). One of my main goals is being able to elevate myself higher off the ground. 

I’ve been to camp for seven years as a camper and two years as a counselor. I can’t wait to come back again for another year!


Mia Deng – Counselor

School: University of Maryland College Park, 2020

Camper: 1 year (2016)

Counselor: 2 years (2017-2018)


Mia is currently a Studio Art major at the University of Maryland, College Park. She’s changed her major four times now, so you know she really can’t make important decisions, like which bubble tea to order. She spends her time binge watching netflix shows, drawing and painting, and most importantly, napping.

Even though she is bad at making decisions, there’s always one easy decision and that’s returning to WMACS. Mia is so excited for this year’s camp and to see new and old faces alike. She is very friendly so don’t be afraid to reach out! She is easily distinguishable in a crowd as the one dabbing.


Justin Pan – Counselor


School: University of Maryland College Park, 2019

Camper: 1 Year (2015)

Counselor: 1 Year (2016)


After missing out on camp the past 2 years, Justin is super excited to finally have the opportunity come back to WMACS this summer again! Double majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Justin recently graduated from UMD this year and plans to move to San Francisco, CA in the fall to start his new engineering job at Samsara, a tech start-up company specializing in developing Internet-of-Things sensors. 

In his free time, Justin enjoys playing tennis, watching Taiwanese dramas, and practicing Chinese Yo-yo. Justin also enjoys singing, playing piano and playing ukuele as well! Justin’s favorite foods include all-you-can-eat KBBQ, all-you-can-eat sushi, all-you-can-eat hotpot, and ramen! You’ll probably catch Justin snacking throughout the week because eating is definitely one of his favorite past-times – he’s always in the mood for food. Justin is counting down the days until camp and is extremely excited to reconnect with old campers and meet all the new ones! Feel free to reach out to him anytime to talk about anything 🙂


Jack Liang – Counselor


School: University of Maryland College Park, 2022

Camper: 3 years (2013-2015)

Counselor: First year!


Jack is a rising sophomore at the University of Maryland, College Park studying Aerospace Engineering. During his free time, Jack loves to work out, kickbox, and dance, and last but not least, play poker with his friends!  Jack is also a HUGE fan of 88rising (don’t get him started on Rich Brian), and has also watched every Wong Fu Productions video multiple times. 

After missing camp for the last couple of years, Jack misses WMACS dearly and is super excited to come back as a counselor! He knows how much WMACS changed his own life, so he can’t wait to pass down the tradition.


Belinda Lin – Counselor

School: University of Maryland College Park, 2022

Camper: 4 years (2014-2017)

Counselor: First Year 


Belinda is a rising sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland. During her free time, Belinda enjoys scaring her sister, coaching and playing volleyball, baking, and spending time with her family. She also has 2 dogs, 2 siblings, and 2 parents!! She also knows TWO languages!! 

Belinda is pumped to return to WMACS this year after missing her senior year of camp. She looks forward to bonding with her group and making camp a memorable experience for the campers.


Emily Cheng – Counselor

School: University of Maryland, College Park, 2021

Camper: 8 years (2010-2017)

Counselor: 1 year (2018)


Hi! My name is Emily, and I’m a rising junior at the University of Maryland, College Park. I’m studying Secondary Social Studies Education & Geography, with a minor in Sustainability, in hopes of becoming a high school Social Studies teacher. I absolutely love doggos, matcha, dancing, and JB songs, but my obsessions have grown to include plenty. This means I’m easily fascinated and entertained, so feel free to spit some random facts about your favorite interests!

I’m so excited to return to WMACS this year – it’s where I’ve made some of my lifelong friends and many unforgettable memories. I love seeing all of the new and old faces, so I can’t wait for another fun week of camp! (Also, I have a low humor threshold, so come and crack some lame jokes with me.)


Christine Li – Counselor

School: Penn State University, 2021

Camper: 2 years (2016 – 2017)

Counselor: 2nd Year


Christine is a rising junior at Penn State University majoring in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences and minoring in Psychology. After graduation, Christine hopes to go to vet school to pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian. Ironically, she has never had a pet before, but plans on getting one once she gets her own place. Outside of school, she likes to play volleyball, sleep all day or not sleep at all, binge watch Youtube and Netflix, and is currently trying to teach herself to play the ukulele and guitar.


Julia Maa – Counselor

School: University of Maryland, 2020

Camper: 8 years (2008-2015)

Counselor: 2 years (2016-2017)


Hi! My name is Julia and I am currently studying Family Science at the University of Maryland, College Park. In my free time, I really enjoy taking naps, playing/taking way too many photos and videos of my pets, browsing reddit for even more cute animal pics/videos, and binge-watching tv shows (friends, the office, avatar the last airbender, etc.) I have also made it my goal to read at least 3 books this summer so if you have any recommendations/other interests you’d like to share then please send them my way 🙂 

Despite only standing at 5 feet tall, I am surprisingly (and finally) not the shortest person on the counselor team!! (Ty Belinda ily). I’m still pretty dang short though so please don’t confuse me for a G1 😛 

WMACS is something I look forward to every year so having to miss last year gave me some serious fomo :’( 

With that being said, I am back and super excited to see some friendly (and new!) faces this year!! 


Aaron Zhao – Media Team


School: Duke University, 2022

Camper: 1 Year (2014)

Counselor: First Year


Hi. I’m Aaron. I’m a rising sophomore at Duke University majoring in Biology (or Chemistry, or Neuroscience, or Computer Science, or Visual Media Studies). Ok. I don’t really know what my major is, but I’ll be obtaining a minor in Photography and a certificate in Arts of a Moving Image! Outside of academics, I dance with Duke Chinese Dance, sing with Duke Chorale, am a photography editor for Duke’s independent newspaper, and an intern for the Duke Anesthesiology Department. I love taking photos and will hopefully be taking a lot of awesome photos during camp! Here are some fun facts about Aaron: 

I have a REALLY flexible tongue. I love crocs (I wear white and yellow crocs all the time, no matter the day, no matter the weather, I’ll be rocking ‘em). Cherries are my favorite fruit, but watermelon come in a close second. I have never ordered a burrito from Chipotle in my entire life. 

Aaron can’t wait for camp. Although he was only a camper for a year, he can’t wait to come back and see all you smiley people. I also don’t know why I switched from first to third person, eh. 


Maddie Tchong – Media Team

School: Virginia Tech, 2022

Camper: 4 years (2013, 2015-2017)

Counselor: 1st year!


Maddie is a rising sophomore majoring in BIT and minoring in Chinese at Virginia Tech (Gokies!). She enjoys seeking out new bubble tea shops (she’s a bubble tea addict) and spends her free time online shopping when she should be studying (don’t be a bu guai kid like her!). Maddie loves playing sports like volleyball and spikeball but is incredibly clumsy and bad at them.

Maddie’s excited to return to WMACS 2019 to fulfill her ‘Most Likely to Become a Counselor’ superlative. She has made numerous life-lasting friendships and memories from camp; in fact, some of her very first friends from camp are returning as counselors as well! She can’t wait for July 20th and to see/meet everyone. If you see her at camp, go say hi! She promises that she’s not as weird as she seems to be 🙂