Volleyball has always been a big part of camp. Only a few camp alumni know that WMACS Summer Camp used to be one of the biggest volleyball camps around in the Chinese community!



For many new campers, this is their first time playing volleyball. Before the big tournament, we teach the fundamentals of volleyball to all of the campers so that nobody is left out. It turns out that some campers new to volleyball become their team’s best players! The kids pick up the skills quickly and can’t wait to play other teams.









Although many of the hardcore volleyball campers now go to other camps for their volleyball fix, the annual volleyball tournament is one of the favorite activities for the campers (and counselors of course). Campers compete in the same teams they have been a part of all week.


While we hope all the campers play in the tournament, a few campers would rather spend the time swimming at the swimming pool or play other games. These other games often include many of the games campers just can’t get enough of: rock-paper-scissors-tag,dodgeball, tank, and other WMACS classics.











After a few warm up rounds, teams are eliminated until one team is left standing. In years past, the winning team gets a chance to beat the counselors. However, the campers have gotten too good at volleyball so the Counselor team plays against Frostburg State University’s athletic department instead. And we win.