After what feels like the blink of an eye, the last group activity of the week is, of course, the dance. Groups spend precious time beforehand getting dolled up and swagged out as they dress to impress their week-long friends and crushes (!?!!).










Counselors and staff worked together with campus personnel to reserve and decorate the venue, which traditionally has been the privately spacious Lane Center. Once everyone is dressed to the nines and gathered together, we award camp superlatives and prizes for the top-placing teams of the week.









This is followed by pictures (lots and lots of pictures!) and some left over night market auctions (counselor date to the dance anyone?) We really just can’t get enough of pictures on the last day of camp.











At long last, after sitting through awards, pictures, and videos galore, campers proceed to bring down the house well into the night to the sounds of our own counselor DJ’s spinning a camp-voted playlist.













As campers scramble to Dougie with their pals or slow dance with their sweethearts one last time before it’s time to head home, the night always ends with intense dance battles, teary-eyed teenagers (guys, too!), and massive group singalongs.