Among all of the activities and classes planned for the week, our most infamous and widely anticipated has always been The Amazing Race. Similar to the TV show, campers assemble into teams and compete with one another in a long series of physical and mental challenges. These puzzles are organized and presented by counselors at a variety of stations, whose whereabouts remain hidden throughout the Frostburg campus.








To reveal their locations, campers must work together to successfully complete the tasks at each station, all the while doing their best to not waste a second! Teams compete to outsmart and outpace each other in these challenges to earn additional clues for the final crossword puzzle. Knowing the counselors, you can trust this last puzzle is definitely a doozy! In the past, popular stations have included Mat Mover, where entire teams are forced to migrate on a large mat from one end of the room to another.







After a team has completed all of the stations, they sit down to work on their final puzzle, using the clues they have gathered from the games before.  Last year, The Amazing Race carried from the afternoon activity into the evening activity, and teams were permitted to use the dinner period to work together on the puzzle if desired. Every team did so, which warmed our hearts (and allowed to have a quiet meal!) and provided us further reason to love The Amazing Race.


The Amazing Race in 2015 will be more fun than ever before! With it, it will also be challenging, thought-provoking, and of course, require lots of teamwork and patience.  Some old favorites will, unfortunately, be retired, but never fear! New ones will replace them and be even better.