It’s a fact: WMACS kids are amazingly talented. Some of them are musical. Some of them express themselves through dance. Some are just downright awesome at yo-yo.


Whatever their talent is, it never ceases to amaze us year after year. The talent show gives campers a chance to really show off who they are and what they do. Last year, there were alphabet dances, teenage boys singing “Let It Go”, Spiderman breakdancing, and yo-yo performances!





Recently, the Talent Show has been nicknamed the 2 Changz Variety Show, hosted by brothers Chris and Michael Chang. These brothers put together a bunch of games and activities to do between talent acts.


I mean… just look at Michael being a koala bear. Just look.





Even the staff get involved! In 2014, they performed choreography to Ariana Grande’s “Problem” featuring Iggy Izalea and impressed us all.


Of course, many of the acts aren’t solos. Campers often form groups and perform covers of popular songs or choreography to popular songs from all over the world. Groups B5 and G5 got together and Catherine Patton even showed us her rapping skills!





We’re just waiting for the day Jessica Chen gives us a real performance.