Of course, nothing wonderful at WMACS could ever be accomplished without the constant help and support from our staff. The counselors are privileged enough to plan the fun parts of camp, participate in all the activities, and generally avoid worrying about the complicated aspects.

Our staff consists of a team of the best and most dedicated,  individuals, often parent volunteers who, among other things, suffer through a week of little sleep and high stress to ensure that WMACS is enjoyable for every participant.  Without them, camp would not run as smoothly or enjoyably for anyone, so when you see them, don’t forget to tell them how awesome they are and how much you appreciate all their hard work!


Jennifer Lee 阿姨

Years on Staff: 2

Favorite Memory: Feeling young again through sharing laughs, late night snacks and the water balloon flight! 

What You’re Most Looking Forward To: Another week of fun at camp this year!


Rita Wang 阿姨

Years on Staff: 6 years

Favorite Memory: The camp has provided a lot of joy since I joined in 2017, and I instantly fell in love with the beautiful surroundings, activities, and the wonderful counselors and kids! The counselors’ care and support for the kids have been incredible.

The counselors and kids are what make WMACS Summer Camp so special, and I am grateful to have had many great experiences there as both a staff member and Director. Summertime is a great opportunity for our kids to have some fun and make new friends, and WMACS Summer Camp provides the perfect environment for them to do so. If you are looking for great friendships and fun for your kids, come join WMACS Summer Camp; I can guarantee your kids will end up with lifelong, unforgettable memories. And did I mention that WMACS Summer Camp counselors are the best?


Tina Liu 阿姨

Years on Staff: 1 year

What You’re Most Looking Forward To: Sending my kids to overnight summer camp *^_^*


Grace Yang 姐姐

Years on Staff: 1 year

What You’re Looking Forward To: A successful camp this year


David Tang 叔叔

Years on Staff: >4 years

What You’re Looking Forward To: A very fun week at camp