DCP_8726In Modern Dance class, campers have a chance to experience different types of dance including Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Breakdancing, and Pop. Throughout the week, the campers learn choreography to a song and will perform it at the closing ceremony showcase.








These classes are taught by our very own counselors who are performers and choreographers in their own styles. JoJo (left) has studied both hip-hop and contemporary, while Sophie and Eddy have performed and choreographed hip-hop routines for large groups.










While learning the assigned choreography for the week of camp, campers can take advantage of downtime during Modern Dance to work on their own solo or small group work that they can perform at the talent show or even at the showcase.

Last year, Jenny Hu (right) and Crystal Wang performed a contemporary work to Jay Chou’s Ju Hai Tai at the talent show. JoJo Wang, Amy Lin, and Rebecca Shaw also choreographed a contemporary work to Owl City’s Fireflies and performed it at the talent show as well.