Arts and Crafts has always been a fundamental part of camp. While many campers may not be the best at making small objects, there’s always something every camper can manage to make. When it seems like it’s too hard, there’s always a counselor or two willing to help the campers out as well.








Often times, these crafts are made out of relatively simple materials. The older campers made beautiful projects out of materials as simple as a bendy straw (left). These would eventually become doves made entirely out of plastic straws and a little bit of glue!




Of course, they aren’t always that simple. Each year, the teacher brings over new ideas and keeps the class fresh. These projects typically include Chinese decorations, intricate knots, bead bracelets, and even cute keychain ornaments. Last year, campers made the keychain penguins you see up in the banner!













Although many of the projects seem impossible to the campers (and even some counselors), even the most challenged end up with a pretty good finished product by the end of class.