For 2020 Summer Camp Registration Rules, please see the following:

2020 WMACS Summer Camp Registration will start soon.  For the 2020 Summer Camp, each family will need to create a family account in our database before the camper can register for the camp.  After the family account is created, please make note of the “Family ID” and “Password” as these two information are required to register for the camp.

Due to the popularity of the summer camp, the following registration rules/priorities will apply for the 2020 camp:

1. February 16
Priority #1 for the following campers:
(a)  All return campers who are also current students in WMACS Member Schools
(b)  Siblings of Priority #1 campers 

2.  February 17
Priority #2 for the following campers:
(a)  All other return campers
(b)  New campers (never been to WMACS summer camp) who are current students in WMACS member schools
(c)  Siblings of Priority #2 campers

3.  February 18
Open registration to all, first come first serve

*  Return campers mean the students have been to WMACS summer camp last year.

How to create an account and register for camp:
Beginning mid February you will be able to log in or create your registration account. Registration dates are as listed above. If you’re looking for more information about this year’s camp, please refer to 2020 WMACS Camp Info

To log in or create your account, head over to our registration page!