Host By:  Mrs. Terry Wang. DTM. President.New World Bilingual Institute

Strategies Outdoor/ Indoor Games and Arts and Crafts:

A. Out Door Group Games:

1. Catch the Flag

2. Water Balloon– Catch and Tag

3. Bubble Arts

4. Water Sprinkler Game

5. Kick Ball

6. If we have a few Trees on Campus Outdoor (not in the woods), We can play “Hug a Tree”

B. Indoor Group Games :

Gym Games —-

1. Parachute Game

2. 3 Legs Race –2 players (三人二足赛跑)

3. Four Corners

4. Shuttlecocks Kicking毽子Team Relay  (I can teach student to make the Paper Shuttlecocks)

5. Music Dance / Music Chair (Music Stop/ Dancers Froze/ Fine a Chair to Sit; or OUT)

6. Light Frisbee Catch (I will bring the Frisbee

C. Arts and Crafts:

1. Rainbow color Friendship Bracelet

2. Sand Arts– 

   a. Color Sands (Students could bring the Clear Bottles, if not, I have Zip bags to hold it.)

   b. Sand Art painting.

3. Tie Dye T-shirt (Students Needs to bring New /Old white T-shirt) 

4. Paper Folding Arts:  

      Baskets, Balloon; Chinese Characters Mobil/ Hanging Ornaments

      Birds, Fortunate Teller, Stars , etc.

5. Chinese 5000 Years History, Dynasties Stories; 4 World Inventions

6. Paper Cutting: Basket of Paper Flowers;

7. Chinese Calligraphy Writing

8. Chinese Brush Painting—Bamboo, Flowers, Others

Last day of classes =(, but not the last day of camp =).  Chorus turned into a scrapbooking session and time for campers to make appreciation cards for the Frostburg State University staff, as well as the ah-yi’s and shu-shu’s who came along with us this year.  In ID, campers finished off the week by writing affirmations or positive messages to one another that they could look back on to remember the awesome memories they had from camp.

In the afternoon, our very delayed water games finally happened.  Teams got into their swimwear and competed in four different competitions out on the field:

  • Cowboys vs Asians – one pair from each team squared off in a duel.  one member of each pair had a loaded water gun, while the other had five splash bombs.  the team with the last man standing scored a point.
  • Save the Princess – one team tried to navigate an obstacle course while avoiding water balloons and splash bombs from an opposing team.  each team member that slid to victory via the slip and slide scored a point
  • Concussionator – in a relay, team members spun around a bat five times before running out onto a  sprinkler-soaked field to pick up a tennis ball to bring back to their teams.  the team with the most balls collected won.
  • Water toss relay – one team member set out with a bottle to fill with water, then came back and tossed the contents of the bottle to another team member with a bucket.  this continued until time ran out.  the team with the most water in their respective bucket won.

After dinner, we had free time in the dorm.  With the extra day, we wanted to make sure campers just had the chance to sit back, relax and enjoy each other’s company.  Some campers wrote notes to one another via the mailboxes, others played cards or board games, and others just sat around exchanging stories and getting to know one another better….and then there were the members of G4, who cashed in on their night market prize to pelt teacher Kevin with water balloons.

This is what happens when you stay up after lights out!

Dan giving a demonstration on how to shoot a water gun.

I’m sure LJ wasn’t ready for that rude surprise.

Getting their game faces on before Concussionator.

Corine showing them who’s boss.

There’s definitely some spin on that throw.

Tiffany and Ballet. Typical.

Yay for waterproof camera pouches!

Oh, so close!


Bombs away!

Amber taking a direct hit.

Cary showing us his matrix moves.

Annie and Esther getting the sprinklers ready.

Go Josh, Go!

Alex, I thought you were better than that.. 😀

I think she has you a little out-gunned there, Alex.

Esther and Ian showing everybody how it’s done.


Sneak attack!

Ian showing JoJo some love after getting sniped.

and then Katherine..

and then lots of campers..

Frank, you know it’s coming.

Dan, however, didn’t see it coming.

Leo and Kevin drenched after the water fight.

Guys.. uh.. I think Kevin’s in trouble!

Massage line during free time!

JonJon icing his head after an intense round of Face the Egg Roll.

LOL, April.

Trying to rotate our heads in one direction while swinging our arms in the other.

Obviously, it’s harder than you’d think.

One fat hen? Two something or others? I can’t even remember the first line!

Barry and Brett showing Amber how it’s done.

Barry’s face is PRICELESS.

Counselors ready for another long late night meeting!

We’re nearing the end of classes and so all the lessons are beginning to wrap up.  In ID, younger campers learned about the Great Wall and dragons, while the older campers engaged in discussions on gender and what they look for in an ideal partner.  In arts and crafts, campers made paper flowers and lanterns, campers party rock’ed in modern dance, played dodgeball in sports and folk sports/dance continued refining their routines.  Now that the campers had learned the camp song, a college panel was held for our older campers to ask questions of our counselors.

In the afternoon, teams played Predator & Prey, basically a complex game of tag.  The goal of the game is to get the most points as a team.  Points can be obtained by collecting food stamps or tagging members of the opposing team.  Here were the different roles on each team:

  • Guard dog (1 per team) – can only tag carnivores and omnivores.  task is to protect the team’s herbivores.
  • Carnivore (1) – can tag omnivores or herbivores
  • Omnivore (2) – can tag herbivores or collect food stamps at one of four designated stations
  • Herbivore (rest of team) – can only collect food stamps to earn points
  • Disease (counselors) – can tag anyone.  also equipped with water guns just for fun =).

After all the points were tabulated, The Incredibles again came away with the victory with 480+ points, while second and third were separated by just one point at 405 and 404.

At night, we held our annual night market, inspired by the night markets of Taiwan.  Campers receive tickets which they use to participate in a variety of carnival-like games including skee-ball, cup toss, Blackjack, Kemps, or various games in which they challenge counselors to Pictionary or competitions inspired by the game show Minute To Win It (face the cookie, junk in the trunk, etc.).  Campers could also use tickets to buy snacks, bubble tea, stuffed animals, or other prizes.

At the end of the night, each counselor auctioned off either an item (signed camp t-shirts, a crocheted Eve from WALL-E) or a task (a dinner date, assist in a prank or the opportunity to throw water balloons at a counselor).  The most popular item was a date with counselor Annie, which was won by B2′s Kevin Wang =).   Not too many nights to go…*sniff*

Anna and Catherine can’t get enough of Roly Poly.

Katherine and Katherine trying out new looks.

What did you do.. you just woke up the DAN!!

Some of the paper flower art projects from A&C.

Red envelope lanterns, anyone?

Boys take ID outside during the class’s gender discussion.

B5 boys sit in the inner circle during their gender discussion for ID.

Campers learning the choreography to Party Rock Anthem.

One sided relationship? haha, just kidding Billie!

Sean came to chorus to cram in some lyrics before his next class.

It still puzzles me how they got so many..

BG4 working hard during Folk Dance.

BG6 keeping up the work on their Folk Dance routine.

The bracelet snatchers in all their glory (plus sean..).

Maybe not QUITE ready for college. 😛

G2 girls trying to control those awesome fans.

Meanwhile, Esther dresses up!

B6 during their mini-photoshoot.

Planking all around. Anyone notice Brett’s impressive attempt?

Who is that trolling around in the background?

Another G6 group shot sans Barry.

B3 hanging out after Folk Sports class.

You all taking notes, G3? B3′s showing you how it’s done.

B2 boys chillin’ in A&C.

B5 showing off their (lack of) swag.

The girls of G5.

B4 carrying the weight of the group!

G4 after an intense ID class.

Ethan doing his best to help out!

The Predator & Prey food chain explained.

Campers about to be set loose at the beginning of Predator & Prey.

Luke, trust your feelings!

Some serious disease on the loose during Predator & Prey.


Campers look over items to be auctioned at the end of Night Market.

G2 showing becky some love.

Esther auctioned off a crocheted EVE!

Corine and Emily get ready for another round of Game-o-Rama.

Alex gets into the zone before the next round of games during Night Market.

Can anyone guess what this is?

Surprisingly, one of the most popular games at Night Market.

I think Esther’s about to lose!

Katherine’s AWFUL.. I mean, AWESOME job at painting my finger nails.

That is Brett’s look of true disappointment.

Campers quickly counting tickets before the counselor auction.

After the night was over, Annie’s date came out on top with 640 tickets!



The skies finally cleared up and we were ready for some racing today.  Before the big/amazing race, however, there were classes to be taken.  The kids tell us that folk dance is pretty intense.  We took a peek in and thought the kids were doing P90X.  Instead, they were just warming up before they had to do cartwheels and splits and back bends and hold up their own leg for a minute (apparently we’re a cheer camp now?).  In ID, younger campers learned about the Monkey King and Peking Opera, while the older campers had a discussion on the model minority and the bamboo ceiling.  In sports kids played kickball, folk sports and modern dance continued trucking along with routines.  Classes that were far along started learning how to shuffle to Party Rock Anthem.

In the afternoon we were finally ready for The Amazingly Awesome Amazing Race.  Teams competed to complete eight stations around campus.  Upon successful completion, they would get clues to help solve a final crossword puzzle.  The eight stations were as follows:

  • Mat Stacker – teams had to stack two mats located on opposite sides of a room, while standing on top of them
  • Lava River – each team member had to carry another team member a set distance, without repeating a method of carrying that had already been used
  • Twister – teams used the rules of Twister to travel from one side of the playing field to another…except the playing field got smaller and smaller as the game went on…
  • Amoeba – teams had to interlock hands to create one unit, and then walk together while carrying various, awkwardly shaped objects
  • Rope Maze – one-by-one, blindfolded team members entered a rope maze.  if they messed up, the next team member went…except this new team member wasn’t able to see what mistake was made…
  • Farmville – team members were given an animal to charade.  once they found their pairs, they had to charade their animal to the rest of the team and have them guess correctly.
  • Parachute – using only their teeth, team members used trash bags to carry various objects across a room
  • Barrel Roll – one by one, team members dizzy batted 10 times, then dove through a foam barrel.   once in the barrell, a counselor rolled the barrel as fast as possible to make escape that much more difficult.

The Ewoks took the crown, being both the first team to complete all eight tasks AND the first team to complete the crossword puzzle (in an impressing 24 minutes).  This crossword featured fun factoids about the counselors, such as the name of LJ’s car and several counselors’ guilty music pleasure.

After TAAAR was over, the entire camp played a game of Shipwreck.  In this game, counselor Barry called out various signals.  Depending on the signal, campers had to arrange themselves in groups of 1 through 5:

  • Hit the Deck (1) = last person to touch the ground is out
  • Man Overboard (2) = one person jumps on another’s back
  • Man The Pumps (3) = two people pump a third person’s arms
  • Life Jacket (4) = three people interlock hands and surround a fourth person in the middle
  • Mess Hall (5) = four people stand on one leg, pretending to eat over the fifth person that acts as a table

Talia beat out Justin to claim this year’s victory before we went back to the dorm for lights out.

Breakfast of champions! Or.. it’s just what we bring you when you miss breakfast.

They’re taking over!

BG3 made some awesome firecrackers!

String people!

Check out those shades!

G5 girls showing off their bling.

Emily and Janet make time to pose during The Amazing Race as they rush to the next station.

Teddy bear!

LJ and Roy taking a break from running.

Cow.. Jim? Ox.. Jim? Aux Gym?!

Teams make their way across the lava river as part of The Amazing Race.

Teammates encourage one another as they carry each other across.

Frank looks pretty happy as a table.

Look! They even match!

Frank, Calvin, and Ian to the rescue!

Amber can’t be THAT heavy.. right?

Sharon showing off her strength.

April struggling on man overboard.

Poor guy.. :/

Roy hitting the deck.

Justin and Roy eagerly waiting for the next move.

Little does Justin know, Talia’s about to win it!



A miracle happened and the air conditioning came on (thank you!).  Classes progressed as campers continued learning their dances, camp song and diabolo routines.  In sports, campers learned the basics of volleyball, in arts and crafts younger campers made dough figurines while older campers made firecrackers, and in ID younger campers learned how to play Go/WeiQi while the older campers had a discussion on tiger moms.

The forecast again called for rain, so we postponed The Amazingly Awesome Amazing Race for a game afternoon and volleyball at night.  At games afternoon, teams started by solving a mystery involving a stolen piece of art (it was Mr. Handsome because he’s a kleptomaniac.  The briefcase and the dogs don’t matter…relax children).  Then campers split up into their groups to engage in varying activities.  Older campers played dinner party and salesman, while the younger campers played log tag and other games.  Dinner party had campers act out different characters (eg an eskimo concerned about global warming, or a couple on their honeymoon) and then another camper had to guess who they were.  Salesman had one person up in the front selling an unknown product.  This person had to depend on the questions being asked by the rest of the camp to figure out what product he/she was selling.

After dinner, teams took the lessons from sports class that morning and engaged in our annual volleyball tournament.  Those that did not want to participate either cheered from the sidelines or went swimming with staff.  The Incredibles went two for two by taking both the Quidditch and volleyball titles.  Afterward, campers and counselors squared off in an all-star match, which the counselors won…better luck next year, kids.

Amy taking G3 girls through the camp song.

Amber showing Brian how it’s done.

Younger campers learned how to play “Go” during ID.

G5 girls fight the broken air conditioning by learning their dance outside on the tennis courts.

Meanwhile, B5 boys learn a few moves of their own.

Ready? Set?


Kevin’s new best friend. SO adorable.

There must be something in the food.

Sean’s pet dragon.

B2/G2 campers made small animals during Arts and Crafts.

B1/G1 campers showing off their goods.

B4/G4 campers made these colorful firecrackers.

Of course, with Frank and Calvin, there had to be a little singing involved.

Li-Ping Ah-Yi excited to help!

A few thoughts that were brought up in ID.

James.. I mean, Kevin teaching his campers in his ID class.

JonJon giving Amy some quite attractive bunny ears.

Annie playing along with her role during Games Afternoon.

Frank and Calvin acting out their story.

Dan and LJ even have the same laugh!

Official NCAA volleyballs for our official 2011 volleyball tournament!

Ian giving his campers some quick tips before the games start.

showing us his good form.


Justin practicing his jump serve before the game.

Emily returns a serve, while being a pro at playing volleyball in her flip flops.

Best part of this photo? Calvin’s back arch!



Day Three in 60 Seconds:

The first day of classes started on Sunday this year.  Campers each took six classes, three in the morning and three after lunch.  All campers were required to take arts and crafts, folk dance, sports, chorus and ID (identity discussion).  For their sixth classes, campers had the option of taking either folk sports with counselor Alex or modern dance with counselors Becky and Jojo.

The A/C still wasn’t on (apparently the mechanic didn’t work weekends), and so our campers suffered a bit in the PE Center.  In chorus, campers began learning the camp song, Wo Men De Gu Shi (Our Story) by Tension.  In ID, all campers decorated paper bags to create their own personal mailboxes.  These were later hung up on the wall of the 2nd floor lounge at the dorm so that campers and counselors could sense positive messages back and forth throughout the week.

In the afternoon, we were supposed to have water games, but the forecast called for rain and so we switched it up with Quidditch, instead.  Quidditch, which the campers learned earlier that day in sports class, is a game based off the sport featured in the Harry Potter book series.  In our “muggle” version, teams faced off against one another in 9v9 matches.  The objective is to send the quaffle (a small kickball) through one of three hoops, which is defended by a keeper (a goalie).  Each goal scores one point.  Meanwhile, two players from each team serve as beaters.  They carry bludgers (squishy balls) that they can use to freeze members of the opposite team.  When hit by a bludger, campers had to dizzy bat three times before they could continue playing.  With about five minutes left in the match, two counselors entered the playing field throwing around the snitch (a tennis ball).  The game ended when either team’s seeker was able to intercept this tennis ball, which scored that team an additional 3 points.  For a first go around at the game this year, we’d say that campers had a great time and Quidditch proved to be a success.

At night we brought back game show night.  In their groups (B1 through G6), campers competed in one of six games against a group of the opposite sex.  These games included Family Feud, where groups had to guess the most popular answer to a category based on a survey of the counselors’ friends; Match Game, where groups were rewarded points based on the number of group members who responded identically to a given question; Jeopardy!; Dizzybat Boggle, in which campers had to dizzy bat five times (see a theme yet?) before running up to a table to find the most words possible in a 4×4 grid of letters; Wheel of Fortune; and Mind Reader, where campers had to guess their partners’ answers to a specific question like “Who would ____ want to slow dance with?”

In many of the classrooms, the air conditioning was broken. So we had these giant fans instead! 😀

Instead of sweating it out inside, modern dance class took it outside to dance in the rain!

Counselor labor is often a camper’s favorite mode of transportation.

Arts and crafts class worked on chinese knot people.

This one resembles some of our campers.

After lunch, modern dance found an air-conditioned hallway and took it over as their dance studio!

Sean obviously looking for someone to play sports with him.

Amy showing off her awesome ups!

G5 girls practice their upcoming fan dance.

B5/G5 works together on some choreography.

B6 huddles together to learn this year’s camp song in chorus class.

Campers line up for the start of a quidditch match.

Amber makes a pass to help her team score.

She’s also plays a mean defense.

Barry and Dan testing out some new bludgers.

Campers rush to the middle at the start of the match.

After some tiring matches, G6 campers cool off in front of the giant fans. W-M-A-C-S!

Possibly the cutest thing EVER.

G3 girls after eating some Fla-Vor-Ice!

Can you find the counselor in this photo?

Michael during an intense game of dizzy-bat Boggle!

Jocelyn coming up for her turn in Family Feud.

B3 boys celebrating a win during Game Show Night.

B6 boys focusing on a few rounds of Jeopardy.

G1 girls brainstorming answers in dizzy-bat Boggle.

B2 boys hitting the jackpot in Wheel of Fortune.

Catherine giving an answer for her team in Family Feud.

Counselors dancing it up during Ride the Pony.

Dan enjoying a well-deserved rest and laugh after another successful day at camp!



Day Two in 60 Seconds:

Welcome to WMACS 2011!  Day 1 of 8…that’s right, EIGHT!  Camp is one day longer this year, so we started on a Saturday, instead of our traditional Sunday.

After meeting at TECRO, we departed for Frostburg State University, where our camp has been held since 1997 (15th year!).  We gave our campers time to settle into their rooms, but after dinner we went on a tour of the campus and then the counselors led the camp through an orientation and some ice breakers.

Unfortunately, the A/C wasn’t working (on the hottest day of the year), but that didn’t stop us from having some fun.  We started off with our standard introduction of counselors and staff, followed by a review of the camp rules by Ian (what time is lights out, again?).  Alex proved to us why he was teaching folk sports this year by showcasing his diabolo skills, then, Amy introduced us to Zumba, which would be an elective this year, and Becky and Jojo showed off the choreography that they would be teaching this week in modern dance.  Becky and Jojo (with special guest appearances by fellow counselors) followed that up with another routine to Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO that campers would learn if they were up for the challenge.  Once Amy caught her breath, she and Brian gave a preview of their cover songs elective (although we really think it was an excuse for Brian to show off his beatboxing skills).

The campers then split into their groups to engage in ice breakers facilitated by their counselors
(click here to watch a montage).  The teams with which the campers would compete in various activities throughout the week were introduced and another set of ice breakers were done.  The night ended with Sean introducing us to Ride That Pony, which got the entire camp dancing.  It also gave us this delightful moment on the way back to the dorms for our late night snack.


Real men wear pink.

Lots of love right here!

Ian answering some final questions before departure.

wait… why’s that camper holding the G3 sign? Oh hold on, that’s just JoJo.

campers extremely excited for camp!

Parents helped out SO much during drop-off!

Jon Jon playing Tetris with all the luggage

Melissa having loads of fun on the bus ride

We are REALLY anxious and excited for camp!

Selina showing off her impressive strength!

Dan taking charge!

Counselors going to work.

Kevin showing off his swag.

Counselors preparing to demo “Party Rock Anthem”.

Alex demonstrating what he’ll be teaching in folk sports.

Even counselors pretend like they’re campers sometimes.

Annie Ah-Yi taking part in the festivities.

Amy demonstrating her new zumba class!

Brian and Amy performing their cover of “Good Life” for the cover songs elective.

B2 campers focusing hard on playing “Ninja”

Learning the camp dance, “Miao Miao Miao.”

Annie Ah-Yi cutting up watermelon after a VERY hot and humid day.



Day One in 60 Seconds:

I just finished packing everything for camp, whew! Have you started? If not, I’m here to remind you that we’ve got a handy dandy packing list for you, right here on the site: What to Bring.

Please don’t forget: a bath towel, a pillow, a sleeping bag OR a blanket + twin XL sheets, and all the stuff you’ll need to brush your teeth and shower with.

You may want to write your name on your belongings just in case it gets mixed up with your friends’ stuff. You can use a marker and masking tape to label most things. 

Drop off for WMACS is Saturday, July 23rd at 11:45AM at TECRO Culture Center:
901 Wind River Lane
Gaithersburg, MD 20878-1960

Click for map

PARENTS: Keep up with us all week long right here on blog, on our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter!

I’m super duper excited for camp! See you tomorrow… T-minus less than 24 hours! Ahh!

GUYS I am so happy I feel like I’m gonna burst from pure adrenaline. WHO’S WITH ME ON THIS???? Annie, Amy, I know you are. Less than 2 days! Actually, less than 24 hours until we get to freak out TOGETHER! Woot!!!

I’ve been so busy talking about how excited I am for camp that I’ve barely started packing! Usually I’ve been LONG packed by now…sometimes twice.

In other news, campers, I hope YOU GUYS have started packing by now!! We are beyond excited to see you and spend 8 whole days with you!!


Now back to work.

With just under a week left until WMACS 2011, the counselors met with Staff at TECRO to finalize our preparations and figure out our last minute tasks. Campers should be receiving e-mails and phone calls from their counselors in the next few days with some quick reminders, answer any questions, and get you excited for WMACS! Also be sure to check the FAQ and make sure you have everything you need! For any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Just a couple quick reminders:

Drop off for WMACS is Saturday, July 23rd at 11:45AM at TECRO Culture Center
Pick up will also be at TECRO, following the final performance from 1-3PM on Saturday, July 30th.

The Address for TECRO is
901 Wind River Lane
Gaithersburg, MD 20878-1960

Also for those of you wondering who all the counselors for each group are…

B6 – Barry, Brett
B5 – Dan
B4 – JonJon, Ian
B3 – Alex
B2 – Darrell, Sean
B1 – Brian

G6 – Jdub
G5 – Emily
G4 – Esther, Annie
G3 – Jojo
G2 – Becky
G1 – Amy

Take a look through this week’s counselor meeting’s pictures, you can feel the excitement as we get closer and closer to Saturday!

This picture is impressive on so many different levels

LOL Esther

This is what happens when counselors are caught sleeping Annie!

I still don’t understand why we can’t just roll them up into a giant ball?

Slowly learning…


Overseeing my minions….

Sean making an average picture awesome

Huang Sandwich

First meeting with staff…

Guys can be cute too!

L – O – L

Working on nametags

Pretty sure that’s not what we came here for guys….OR IS IT?

We need to limit our time at Five Below

The biggest perk of counselor-staff meetings


Counselor Budget =(

Wooo 2 counselor meetings down, 2 more to go! Much like the first, we got a ton of work done, a lot of great ideas came out, and we are one step closer to having everything ready to go in a month (OMG camp starts in a month). In addition to planning, we also combed through all of the inventory and supplies from previous years (Some of that stuff was kind of gross =) and ran through a lot of old camp videos and memories. Can’t wait for camp to start, here’s some pictures from the meeting to hold you over until then!

So cute

Indoor voice please, Amy

Yea….let’s throw those out.

I was just kidding I swear.

And maybe a little bit of fun after working all day =). (Annie legit got -4 on this turn, she gets nervous when I’m close)

I promise you won’t find anything good in that water bottle.

She thinks she’s winning…

wow, notes are a lot more useful when you can read them.

I said, pretend like we’re working!

Last weekend we held our first counselor meeting to prepare for WMACS 2011! We came up with a ton of great ideas, and have been planning non-stop since then to improve them, work out the logistics, and make 2011 the best year ever. Here’s a pic of us in action! (I think we might be watching a YouTube video for “inspiration” at the moment, but I swear it was relevant)


First Counselor Meeting of 2011!

WMACS is a fun and exciting camp geared towards Chinese-Americans. Over the course of a week, you will attend Chinese culture classes, participate in camp games/activities, and even party it up at the closing dance. During camp, you will make many lifelong friends and bond with your counselors. WMACS is an experience you won’t forget!

Check out this fantastic video of WMACS to get an idea of what WMACS is all about, and why we would love for you to join us.