2020 WMACS Summer Camp Registration Form

Parent Information

Medical Information

Camper Information

Photo format accepted: jpg(jpeg), gif, png. Size limit: 5 MB Camper photo must comply with standard passport photo specs and especially size and background. Rename file name to match camper's name before upload.


We agree to pay the following fees:
Registration Fee: $50 per family
$ 0.00

Payment Address

Make check payable to WMACS. With camper names on the check. Print this form before submitting. Mail check and the completed form to WMACS, 11634 Chapel Road, Clifton, VA 20124


By submitting this registration form: The parents/guardian (We), and kids listed above (Camper), by digitally signing below, hereby
a. agree WMACS Summer Camp (The Camp) assumes no liability for injury or damage arising from the results of participation.
b. understand all activities present inherent risk and hazards, which the Camper are urged to consider and which the Camper assume.
c. approve Camper to participate in this Camp and consent to emergency treatment.
d. will consult a physician regarding any concerns before registering the Camp.
e. certify that to the best of our knowledge, all the medical concerns, including allergy for food (including, but not limited to, peanuts, milk, etc.), and medicine, are listed above for the reference of Camp counselors and staff.
f. certify all info provided are true.
g. grant the Camp and all persons acting under its permission or authority, the right to use, reproduce, assign and distribute photographs, video/audio liability involving the Camper, for use in materials that Camp may compile and distribute.
h. discharge and agree to save harmless the Camp, its legal representatives or assigns, and all persons acting under its permission or authority, from any liability whatsoever for any claims of any nature which may arise out of Camper's participation at the Camp.
i. understand and agree that the Camp reserve the right to reject any registration submitted.
j. agree the terms and conditions set forth for registration and withdrawal.
k. agree the simplified Chinese characters in the name may be converted into traditional Chinese for use on certificates/souvenir, etc.
Please note, simply click down and drag your cursor to write your name. Name entered here must be same as one of the parents' name, or the registration will be voided. Make sure all info shown are complete and correct. You should print this form before submitting. After submitting changes will be limited.