Host By:  Mrs. Terry Wang. DTM. President.New World Bilingual Institute

Strategies Outdoor/ Indoor Games and Arts and Crafts:

A. Out Door Group Games:

1. Catch the Flag

2. Water Balloon– Catch and Tag

3. Bubble Arts

4. Water Sprinkler Game

5. Kick Ball

6. If we have a few Trees on Campus Outdoor (not in the woods), We can play “Hug a Tree”

B. Indoor Group Games :

Gym Games —-

1. Parachute Game

2. 3 Legs Race –2 players (三人二足赛跑)

3. Four Corners

4. Shuttlecocks Kicking毽子Team Relay  (I can teach student to make the Paper Shuttlecocks)

5. Music Dance / Music Chair (Music Stop/ Dancers Froze/ Fine a Chair to Sit; or OUT)

6. Light Frisbee Catch (I will bring the Frisbee

C. Arts and Crafts:

1. Rainbow color Friendship Bracelet

2. Sand Arts– 

   a. Color Sands (Students could bring the Clear Bottles, if not, I have Zip bags to hold it.)

   b. Sand Art painting.

3. Tie Dye T-shirt (Students Needs to bring New /Old white T-shirt) 

4. Paper Folding Arts:  

      Baskets, Balloon; Chinese Characters Mobil/ Hanging Ornaments

      Birds, Fortunate Teller, Stars , etc.

5. Chinese 5000 Years History, Dynasties Stories; 4 World Inventions

6. Paper Cutting: Basket of Paper Flowers;

7. Chinese Calligraphy Writing

8. Chinese Brush Painting—Bamboo, Flowers, Others