Wooo 2 counselor meetings down, 2 more to go! Much like the first, we got a ton of work done, a lot of great ideas came out, and we are one step closer to having everything ready to go in a month (OMG camp starts in a month). In addition to planning, we also combed through all of the inventory and supplies from previous years (Some of that stuff was kind of gross =) and ran through a lot of old camp videos and memories. Can’t wait for camp to start, here’s some pictures from the meeting to hold you over until then!

So cute

Indoor voice please, Amy

Yea….let’s throw those out.

I was just kidding I swear.

And maybe a little bit of fun after working all day =). (Annie legit got -4 on this turn, she gets nervous when I’m close)

I promise you won’t find anything good in that water bottle.

She thinks she’s winning…

wow, notes are a lot more useful when you can read them.

I said, pretend like we’re working!