Welcome to WMACS 2011!  Day 1 of 8…that’s right, EIGHT!  Camp is one day longer this year, so we started on a Saturday, instead of our traditional Sunday.

After meeting at TECRO, we departed for Frostburg State University, where our camp has been held since 1997 (15th year!).  We gave our campers time to settle into their rooms, but after dinner we went on a tour of the campus and then the counselors led the camp through an orientation and some ice breakers.

Unfortunately, the A/C wasn’t working (on the hottest day of the year), but that didn’t stop us from having some fun.  We started off with our standard introduction of counselors and staff, followed by a review of the camp rules by Ian (what time is lights out, again?).  Alex proved to us why he was teaching folk sports this year by showcasing his diabolo skills, then, Amy introduced us to Zumba, which would be an elective this year, and Becky and Jojo showed off the choreography that they would be teaching this week in modern dance.  Becky and Jojo (with special guest appearances by fellow counselors) followed that up with another routine to Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO that campers would learn if they were up for the challenge.  Once Amy caught her breath, she and Brian gave a preview of their cover songs elective (although we really think it was an excuse for Brian to show off his beatboxing skills).

The campers then split into their groups to engage in ice breakers facilitated by their counselors
(click here to watch a montage).  The teams with which the campers would compete in various activities throughout the week were introduced and another set of ice breakers were done.  The night ended with Sean introducing us to Ride That Pony, which got the entire camp dancing.  It also gave us this delightful moment on the way back to the dorms for our late night snack.


Real men wear pink.

Lots of love right here!

Ian answering some final questions before departure.

wait… why’s that camper holding the G3 sign? Oh hold on, that’s just JoJo.

campers extremely excited for camp!

Parents helped out SO much during drop-off!

Jon Jon playing Tetris with all the luggage

Melissa having loads of fun on the bus ride

We are REALLY anxious and excited for camp!

Selina showing off her impressive strength!

Dan taking charge!

Counselors going to work.

Kevin showing off his swag.

Counselors preparing to demo “Party Rock Anthem”.

Alex demonstrating what he’ll be teaching in folk sports.

Even counselors pretend like they’re campers sometimes.

Annie Ah-Yi taking part in the festivities.

Amy demonstrating her new zumba class!

Brian and Amy performing their cover of “Good Life” for the cover songs elective.

B2 campers focusing hard on playing “Ninja”

Learning the camp dance, “Miao Miao Miao.”

Annie Ah-Yi cutting up watermelon after a VERY hot and humid day.



Day One in 60 Seconds: