Last day of classes =(, but not the last day of camp =).  Chorus turned into a scrapbooking session and time for campers to make appreciation cards for the Frostburg State University staff, as well as the ah-yi’s and shu-shu’s who came along with us this year.  In ID, campers finished off the week by writing affirmations or positive messages to one another that they could look back on to remember the awesome memories they had from camp.

In the afternoon, our very delayed water games finally happened.  Teams got into their swimwear and competed in four different competitions out on the field:

  • Cowboys vs Asians – one pair from each team squared off in a duel.  one member of each pair had a loaded water gun, while the other had five splash bombs.  the team with the last man standing scored a point.
  • Save the Princess – one team tried to navigate an obstacle course while avoiding water balloons and splash bombs from an opposing team.  each team member that slid to victory via the slip and slide scored a point
  • Concussionator – in a relay, team members spun around a bat five times before running out onto a  sprinkler-soaked field to pick up a tennis ball to bring back to their teams.  the team with the most balls collected won.
  • Water toss relay – one team member set out with a bottle to fill with water, then came back and tossed the contents of the bottle to another team member with a bucket.  this continued until time ran out.  the team with the most water in their respective bucket won.

After dinner, we had free time in the dorm.  With the extra day, we wanted to make sure campers just had the chance to sit back, relax and enjoy each other’s company.  Some campers wrote notes to one another via the mailboxes, others played cards or board games, and others just sat around exchanging stories and getting to know one another better….and then there were the members of G4, who cashed in on their night market prize to pelt teacher Kevin with water balloons.

This is what happens when you stay up after lights out!

Dan giving a demonstration on how to shoot a water gun.

I’m sure LJ wasn’t ready for that rude surprise.

Getting their game faces on before Concussionator.

Corine showing them who’s boss.

There’s definitely some spin on that throw.

Tiffany and Ballet. Typical.

Yay for waterproof camera pouches!

Oh, so close!


Bombs away!

Amber taking a direct hit.

Cary showing us his matrix moves.

Annie and Esther getting the sprinklers ready.

Go Josh, Go!

Alex, I thought you were better than that.. 😀

I think she has you a little out-gunned there, Alex.

Esther and Ian showing everybody how it’s done.


Sneak attack!

Ian showing JoJo some love after getting sniped.

and then Katherine..

and then lots of campers..

Frank, you know it’s coming.

Dan, however, didn’t see it coming.

Leo and Kevin drenched after the water fight.

Guys.. uh.. I think Kevin’s in trouble!

Massage line during free time!

JonJon icing his head after an intense round of Face the Egg Roll.

LOL, April.

Trying to rotate our heads in one direction while swinging our arms in the other.

Obviously, it’s harder than you’d think.

One fat hen? Two something or others? I can’t even remember the first line!

Barry and Brett showing Amber how it’s done.

Barry’s face is PRICELESS.

Counselors ready for another long late night meeting!