A miracle happened and the air conditioning came on (thank you!).  Classes progressed as campers continued learning their dances, camp song and diabolo routines.  In sports, campers learned the basics of volleyball, in arts and crafts younger campers made dough figurines while older campers made firecrackers, and in ID younger campers learned how to play Go/WeiQi while the older campers had a discussion on tiger moms.

The forecast again called for rain, so we postponed The Amazingly Awesome Amazing Race for a game afternoon and volleyball at night.  At games afternoon, teams started by solving a mystery involving a stolen piece of art (it was Mr. Handsome because he’s a kleptomaniac.  The briefcase and the dogs don’t matter…relax children).  Then campers split up into their groups to engage in varying activities.  Older campers played dinner party and salesman, while the younger campers played log tag and other games.  Dinner party had campers act out different characters (eg an eskimo concerned about global warming, or a couple on their honeymoon) and then another camper had to guess who they were.  Salesman had one person up in the front selling an unknown product.  This person had to depend on the questions being asked by the rest of the camp to figure out what product he/she was selling.

After dinner, teams took the lessons from sports class that morning and engaged in our annual volleyball tournament.  Those that did not want to participate either cheered from the sidelines or went swimming with staff.  The Incredibles went two for two by taking both the Quidditch and volleyball titles.  Afterward, campers and counselors squared off in an all-star match, which the counselors won…better luck next year, kids.

Amy taking G3 girls through the camp song.

Amber showing Brian how it’s done.

Younger campers learned how to play “Go” during ID.

G5 girls fight the broken air conditioning by learning their dance outside on the tennis courts.

Meanwhile, B5 boys learn a few moves of their own.

Ready? Set?


Kevin’s new best friend. SO adorable.

There must be something in the food.

Sean’s pet dragon.

B2/G2 campers made small animals during Arts and Crafts.

B1/G1 campers showing off their goods.

B4/G4 campers made these colorful firecrackers.

Of course, with Frank and Calvin, there had to be a little singing involved.

Li-Ping Ah-Yi excited to help!

A few thoughts that were brought up in ID.

James.. I mean, Kevin teaching his campers in his ID class.

JonJon giving Amy some quite attractive bunny ears.

Annie playing along with her role during Games Afternoon.

Frank and Calvin acting out their story.

Dan and LJ even have the same laugh!

Official NCAA volleyballs for our official 2011 volleyball tournament!

Ian giving his campers some quick tips before the games start.

showing us his good form.


Justin practicing his jump serve before the game.

Emily returns a serve, while being a pro at playing volleyball in her flip flops.

Best part of this photo? Calvin’s back arch!



Day Three in 60 Seconds: