The first day of classes started on Sunday this year.  Campers each took six classes, three in the morning and three after lunch.  All campers were required to take arts and crafts, folk dance, sports, chorus and ID (identity discussion).  For their sixth classes, campers had the option of taking either folk sports with counselor Alex or modern dance with counselors Becky and Jojo.

The A/C still wasn’t on (apparently the mechanic didn’t work weekends), and so our campers suffered a bit in the PE Center.  In chorus, campers began learning the camp song, Wo Men De Gu Shi (Our Story) by Tension.  In ID, all campers decorated paper bags to create their own personal mailboxes.  These were later hung up on the wall of the 2nd floor lounge at the dorm so that campers and counselors could sense positive messages back and forth throughout the week.

In the afternoon, we were supposed to have water games, but the forecast called for rain and so we switched it up with Quidditch, instead.  Quidditch, which the campers learned earlier that day in sports class, is a game based off the sport featured in the Harry Potter book series.  In our “muggle” version, teams faced off against one another in 9v9 matches.  The objective is to send the quaffle (a small kickball) through one of three hoops, which is defended by a keeper (a goalie).  Each goal scores one point.  Meanwhile, two players from each team serve as beaters.  They carry bludgers (squishy balls) that they can use to freeze members of the opposite team.  When hit by a bludger, campers had to dizzy bat three times before they could continue playing.  With about five minutes left in the match, two counselors entered the playing field throwing around the snitch (a tennis ball).  The game ended when either team’s seeker was able to intercept this tennis ball, which scored that team an additional 3 points.  For a first go around at the game this year, we’d say that campers had a great time and Quidditch proved to be a success.

At night we brought back game show night.  In their groups (B1 through G6), campers competed in one of six games against a group of the opposite sex.  These games included Family Feud, where groups had to guess the most popular answer to a category based on a survey of the counselors’ friends; Match Game, where groups were rewarded points based on the number of group members who responded identically to a given question; Jeopardy!; Dizzybat Boggle, in which campers had to dizzy bat five times (see a theme yet?) before running up to a table to find the most words possible in a 4×4 grid of letters; Wheel of Fortune; and Mind Reader, where campers had to guess their partners’ answers to a specific question like “Who would ____ want to slow dance with?”

In many of the classrooms, the air conditioning was broken. So we had these giant fans instead! 😀

Instead of sweating it out inside, modern dance class took it outside to dance in the rain!

Counselor labor is often a camper’s favorite mode of transportation.

Arts and crafts class worked on chinese knot people.

This one resembles some of our campers.

After lunch, modern dance found an air-conditioned hallway and took it over as their dance studio!

Sean obviously looking for someone to play sports with him.

Amy showing off her awesome ups!

G5 girls practice their upcoming fan dance.

B5/G5 works together on some choreography.

B6 huddles together to learn this year’s camp song in chorus class.

Campers line up for the start of a quidditch match.

Amber makes a pass to help her team score.

She’s also plays a mean defense.

Barry and Dan testing out some new bludgers.

Campers rush to the middle at the start of the match.

After some tiring matches, G6 campers cool off in front of the giant fans. W-M-A-C-S!

Possibly the cutest thing EVER.

G3 girls after eating some Fla-Vor-Ice!

Can you find the counselor in this photo?

Michael during an intense game of dizzy-bat Boggle!

Jocelyn coming up for her turn in Family Feud.

B3 boys celebrating a win during Game Show Night.

B6 boys focusing on a few rounds of Jeopardy.

G1 girls brainstorming answers in dizzy-bat Boggle.

B2 boys hitting the jackpot in Wheel of Fortune.

Catherine giving an answer for her team in Family Feud.

Counselors dancing it up during Ride the Pony.

Dan enjoying a well-deserved rest and laugh after another successful day at camp!



Day Two in 60 Seconds: