Steph Shao- Head Counselor


Bethesda, MD

University of Maryland – College Park, 2018

Camper: 3 years (2010 – 2013)

Counselor: 4 years (2014 – 2017)


Steph is a recent graduate of University of Maryland, College Park. During college, she studied within the School of Public Health. At the end of last year, she decided to take a semester to study abroad in Europe. In the span of four months, she traveled to more than 11 countries!! While Steph loves exploring different cultures, she is excited to be back in town. Steph is currently working in Maryland, and will be pursuing her Masters in Social Work this Fall. She is excited to return to camp as Head Counselor again this summer – alongside an amazing team of counselors! She cannot believe camp is less than one month away! Get pumped, it’s going to be an unforgettable year. 🙂


Andrew Chang- Head Counselor


Potomac, MD

University of Maryland – College Park, 2018

Camper: 6 years (2007 – 2011, 2014)

Counselor: 3 years (2015 – 2017)


Andrew just graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a dual degree Finance and Accounting and a minor of Actuarial Math. This summer, he’s studying for the CPA Exam but also working hard to make his last year as Head Counselor is the best year yet!


Quick Facts: Born in Texas, La La Land is one of his favorite movies, favorite food is Korean BBQ


Hit me up if you ever want to talk about life, camp, or if you’re tryna get some dubs in Fortnite 😀


Emily Hwang- Counselor


Chantilly, VA

Virginia Tech, 2019

Camper: 10 Years

Counselor: 2 Years (2016 – 2017)


Emily is a rising Senior at Virginia Tech with a major in Marketing. Emily has grown up with WMACS since she was 7 years old and is back for her 13th year!  Emily’s favorite hobbies are dancing, cooking, trying new restaurants and activities, and trying to live a bougie lifestyle.


Unfortunately, Emily was diagnosed with Leukemia early December and has been doing chemo treatments since.  But thankfully, by the time camp comes around, she’ll be done with treatments and fully recovered.  Don’t be afraid to ask her any questions, she’s an open book and will answer anything!  She’s incredibly grateful for all the support that’s been given to her by her friends and family. 


Anyways, she is super excited to come back to camp to laugh at kids during classes and games and to see friendships and bonds be made. 


David Ho– Counselor



Rockville, MD

University of Maryland – College Park, 2019

Camper: 6 years (2010 – 2015)

Counselor: 2 Years (2016 – 2017)


David is entering his senior year at the University of Maryland studying Biochemistry (it’s as boring and hard as it sounds). David has previously learned how to play piano, violin, and Chinese yo-yo, has attempted to play volleyball and break dance (before realizing he will never be good enough to show off at WMACS) and even rowed for his Chinese school’s dragon boat team (if you haven’t noticed, David does a lot of Asian stuff). When he isn’t stressing over his lack of plans for the future, David enjoys wasting his life away being bad at League of Legends, being bad at Overwatch, and using Spotify to satisfy his obsession with Disney songs.

After having two awesome years as a counselor, David is so excited to come back to camp for his third year as a counselor! He can’t wait to return to the amazing Frostburg cafeteria food and meet all the new campers!

P.S. David isn’t mad at you, that’s just what his face always looks like.


Katherine Liu- Counselor



Potomac, MD

University of Maryland – College Park, 2019

Camper: 3 years (2011, 2012, 2014)

Counselor: 2 years (2016 – 2017)


Katherine is currently studying Information Science at University of Maryland, College Park. Katherine enjoys binge watching animes, Netflix, sleeping, and eating in her free time. Majority of her life is spent either sleeping, eating, watching shows, or playing volleyball, so if you need to contact her… She will most likely be doing one of options listed above.


Katherine has always had a wonderful time at WMACS, whether it was s a camper or as a counselor. WMACS has given Katherine lots of good memories and experiences and has even allowed her to meet lots of amazing people! Katherine is super excited to come back again this year to be your counselor for a third year!


Ashling Zhang- Counselor


Potomac, MD

Duke University, 2018

Camper: 4 years (2011 – 2014)

Counselor: 2 years (2015 – 2016)


Ashling has graduated from Duke University with majors in Chemistry and Global Health. Even though she likes chemistry, she’s not so great at it, but she strongly believes that you should be able to learn everything and anything that you think is cool. Her life goal is to one day work with Doctors without Borders, because that’s probably the closest she’ll ever get to being a superhero. Outside of classes, Ashling enjoys amateur dancing, singing poor renditions of Disney songs, hiking, and reading. She’s unnecessarily proud of being one of those kids who always read all ten Black-Eyed Susan nominees. In the past year she’s picked up a hobby of identifying trees, too.


And of course, she absolutely can’t wait to return for WMACS 2018. She felt so much FOMO last year and missed WMACS so badly that she just had to come back. If you ever want to talk about how excited you are for WMACS, rant about life, or need any advice whatsoever, feel free to shoot her a message on Facebook. She’s more than happy to chat about pretty much anything!


Jason Chern- Counselor



Rockville, MD

University of Maryland – College Park, 2019

Camper: 3 years (2013 – 2015)

Counselor: 2 years (2016 – 2017)


Jason is a rising senior at the University of Maryland, College Park pursuing a degree in Information Science. He is super stoked to be back at WMACS for not 1, not 2, but his 3rd year. On his free time, he likes to watch a lot of stand-up comedy and binge watch shows on Netflix. After a long stressful day at work, you can find him at the gym doing his favorite muscle group, the back. However, don’t be afraid to approach him!  He is super down to earth and loves to give fist bumps whenever possible. We promise, he won’t bite.


“Get ready for camp because this year is going to be a blast!” – wise man Jason.


Jocelyn Lee-Counselor


Ellicott City, MD
University of Maryland – College Park, 2020
Camper: 7 years (2009 – 2013, 2015 – 2016)
Counselor: 1 year (2017)


Jocelyn is currently studying at the University of Maryland working towards a Bachelor’s in Animal Science and hopes to work in animal nutrition aimed towards rehabilitation. As of right now, she wants to work with companion animals however she is leaning more towards exotic animals. She loves to dance and has been dancing for 15 years! She also likes making crafts, baking, and cats. Feel free to show her any pictures of cats during camp. 😀

Jocelyn’s favorite parts about camp are the memories and the bonds that are made. As a camper, she has had priceless experiences and has met some of her closest friends. She is so excited to be on the counselor team and she can’t wait to meet all the campers and experience WMACS with everyone!


Justin Wu – Counselor


Rockville, MD

University of Maryland – College Park, 2020

Camper: 11 years (2006 – 2016)

Counselor: 1 Year (2017)


Justin is currently a rising junior studying Supply Chain Management at the University of Maryland at College Park. He hopes to stick in the field of business for the rest of his college career.


Justin likes: Getting a good night’s sleep, going to the gym, eating relatively healthy, socializing occasionally, and aiming high at anything he does. This year, Justin is excited to come back as a second year counselor and hopes to have a great year with all of the campers!


Matthew Tung -Counselor



Olney, Maryland

University of Maryland College Park, 2020

Camper: 9 years (2008-16)

Counselor: 1 year


Matthew is currently studying Information Science at the University of Maryland, College Park. A few of his favorite things to do are to sleep, play basketball, or eat pizza. I mean, he really loves pizza. Also, he claims he’s the 3 point master, so if anyone wants to challenge him, then he’ll always take on a challenge. A cool fact about him is that he actually slept 14 hours straight without waking up, pretty impressive right? Another thing to know is that he’s pretty short and small, so don’t mistake him for a camper. Other than that, he loves jokes and will probably laugh at any joke you say, regardless of how bad it is.


Matt’s favorite week of the year is definitely WMACS. He has been to camp for so many years, and now has the opportunity to be a counselor. He is very excited to join the counselor team and is ready to meet all the new campers! He has met so many close friends at camp and is thrilled to get to know many more!


Jimmy Ho – Counselor

Rockville, MD

University of Maryland, College Park, 2020

Camper: 7 years (2010-2016)

Counselor: 1 year (2017)


Jimmy is a rising junior at the University of Maryland, College Park majoring in Computer Science with a Philosophy minor. If you ever want to talk or ponder, hit him up! Outside of coding tirelessly, Jimmy enjoys playing sports, working out, watching Netflix, and playing video games (8 career Fortnite kills let’s goo).

With experience as a lifeguard, Jimmy has one career rescue under his belt and would rather keep it at that (be safe at water games kids). As a second year returning counselor, Jimmy can’t wait to come back this year! From WMACS last year, his lifeguard certification has since expired, but his love for camp will never expire!


Mia Deng – Counselor

Rockville, MD

University of Maryland, College Park

Camper: 1 year (2016)

Counselor: 1 year (2017)


Mia is currently a rising junior Studio Art major, on the Graphic Design track. She may look mean, but that’s just because she’s always tired. She’s very soft on the inside, so don’t be scared to talk to her! She’s just as scared of you as you are of her. Some of her hobbies include feeding her bubble tea addiction and listening to all types of music, except country. That’s a big nono. She cries very easily, whether it be cute dogs (something she loves) or insects (something she hates).


Mia may seem kind of scattered during the year, due to all her club and internship responsibilities, but the summer is always reserved for WMACS! She can’t wait to see all the campers again, and write a painfully long and loving note for each and every one of them. :,)


Raymond Bao -Counselor



Potomac, MD

University of Maryland – College Park, 2020

Camper: 3 years (2014 – 2016)

Counselor: 1 year (2017)


Raymond is a rising junior at the University of Maryland, College Park studying computer science. He is currently working in McLean over the summer at a cloud computing company but is counting down the days to WMACS since it has been such a major part of his life. He built his own PC this past year, so he has gotten really into gaming. He’s down to squad up in Fortnite, but he admits he will probably run off on his own and die. Other than that, he loves finding new music and eating dumplings. Fingers crossed that there will be dumplings served during 消夜!


Aza Shiao -Counselor



Frederick, MD

University of Maryland, College Park, 2020

Camper: 1 year (2016)

Counselor: 1 year (2017)


Aza is a rising junior who is majoring in Neurobiology and Physiology at UMD. Her loves: music, art, hiking, spontaneous adventures, and last but certainly not least…WMACS.


She’s so pumped for WMACS this year! She can’t wait to see all you campers, new and old. Only 5’2”, Aza blends right in. But don’t worry: what she lacks in height, she makes up for in personality. You’ll always find a friendly grin plastered on her face, so come tell her about your favorite hobbies, your camp crushes, or that weird activity you had to do for TAAAR. Plus, all her friends roast her, so feel free to do that throughout the week too.


George Wu – Counselor


Potomac, MD
University of Maryland College Park, 2020
Camper: 5 years (2009, 2010, 2014 – 2016)
Counselor: 1 year (2017)

George is currently a rising junior at the University of Maryland, majoring in Information Systems and Operations Management & Business Analytics (don’t worry, he doesn’t know what any of those words mean either) with a minor in Spanish. He spends his time playing games, cooking, reading (but don’t tell his friends), and laying down while wasting the day away watching Youtube videos. Apart from that, he still aspires to some day complete the 10,000 calorie challenge.

He’s made it a personal goal for himself to get to know campers better this year, so don’t be afraid to come up and talk to him, and don’t be afraid if he comes up to talk to you! He’s more approachable than he seems at first.


Emily Cheng – Counselor


North Potomac, MD

University of Maryland, College Park, 2021

Camper: 8 years (2010-2017)

Counselor: First year!


Emily is studying Secondary Social Studies Education and Geography, with a minor in Sustainability, at the University of Maryland, College Park in hopes of becoming a high school teacher. Anyone can tell you about her serious obsessions with doggos, anything with matcha, and JB songs. She grew up dancing and likes to force her friends to watch dance videos with her as she fangirls. Emily has a low humor threshold and can literally laugh for hours, so feel free to join her in cracking some lame jokes.


Ever since Emily’s first year as a camper, WMACS became an important part of her life. She’s made many unforgettable memories and met some of her closest friends at camp. She looks forward to that one week in July every single year, so she’s very happy that she’s returning as a counselor this year. Emily is extremely excited to see all the old and new faces, and she can’t wait for all the fun this summer!!


Andrew Tsao – Counselor

Potomac, MD
University of Michigan, 2018
Camper:  3 years (2010, 2011, 2014)
Counselor: First year

Andrew just graduated from the University of Michigan studying Chemical Engineering. In his free time, Andrew likes lifting weights, playing basketball, eating food, and playing video games like Fortnite, NBA 2K, or Super Smash Bros. He really enjoys sports, whether it is watching NBA/NFL or playing on the club rugby and volleyball teams at Michigan.

Andrew really enjoyed his time as a camper and made some great memories at camp. He is very excited to join the counselor team this year and looks forward to a great week at camp!


Alicia Wang – Counselor

North Potomac, MD

University of Maryland College Park, 2020

Camper: 6 years (2009 – 2010, 2012 – 2014, 2016)

Counselor: First Year!


Alicia is a rising junior at the University of Maryland and hopes to major in Marketing and Finance at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. During her free time, she loves to snack and watch mukbang videos on Youtube. She is currently on a dance team at College Park and has been dancing ever since she could walk. Even though she may seem coordinated, she constantly trips over herself or walks into random things.


When Alicia was a camper, she would always look forward to this one week of the year. This year, Alicia is excited to be a counselor and hopes to recreate everlasting experiences that she once had as a camper.


P.S.  Alicia has an unhealthy addiction to plush toys.


Christine Li – Counselor

Fairfax, VA

Penn State University, 2021

Camper: 2 years (2016 – 2017)

Counselor: First year!


Christine is a rising sophomore at Penn State University and intends to major in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, pursuing her dream since third grade of becoming a veterinarian. Ironically, she has never had a pet before, but plans on getting one once she gets her own place. Outside of school, she likes to play volleyball, sleep all day or not sleep at all, binge watch Youtube and Netflix, and is currently trying to teach herself to play the ukulele and guitar.


Christine loved her two years as a camper at WMACS that she can’t wait to start her first year as a counselor this summer and meet all the campers!


Alex Lin – Counselor

Rockville, MD

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2021

Camper: 4 years (2013 – 2015, 2017)

Counselor: First Year!


Alex is currently a rising sophomore studying chemistry at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a minor in physics. His current academic interests involve physical/analytical chemistry and deaf healthcare policy/rights (he is fluent in American Sign Language and English, but his Chinese is a bit bu man yi). He worked a part-time job as a lab assistant in the epidemiology department at the Gillings school of Global Public Health at UNC, and served as a peer mentor for CHEM101 this past year. This summer, he will be working as a research assistant at the FDA in the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) under the materials integrity program within the Division of Biology, Chemistry, and Materials Science (ask him about his research—or don’t depending on if you’re mature enough). He currently hopes to become a chemistry professor and pursue teaching, research, and academic advising simultaneously.


Camp has been a major part of Alex’s life as it helped him become more confident in himself and discover his love for dance. In addition to the academic stuff above, Alex has also sung in his high school chorus for 4 years, served as a co-captain for a dragon boat team, and is heavily involved in Circle-K/Key Club, a community service organization (ask him about starting/joining a club at your school)! His favorite memories about camp are the late night modern dance practice sessions and cramming to learn a KPOP dance for the talent show with his friends (fun fact: he wanted to be a KPOP star in middle school). He is excited to be a counselor this year, and hopes he can produce the same positive impact that camp had on him to other campers!


Don’t be afraid to let him know how he can help make your time at camp a better experience for you!


Jennifer Liu – Counselor

Baltimore, MD

George Washington University, 2020

Camper: 3 years (2014 – 2016)

Counselor: First year!


Jenn is a rising junior at the George Washington University, studying Psychology and Marketing. This summer, she’ll be traveling all over the country to NYC, LA, Chicago, & Atlanta, and of course—camp being one of the destinations! 😀 If you’re traveling to any of these locations this summer and need recommendations, be sure to ask Jenn! She has done hours of research to plan her itineraries surrounding good foodies, aesthetically pleasing places, and would be happy to share it with you :).


Outside of school, Jenn enjoys watching k-dramas (so hit her up if you wanna talk about your love life and feels hehe or to rant), being an astrology enthusiast, bullet-journaling/lettering/graphic designing, finding good eats around the area she’s in, and a lot of random things! She also has a very weird obsession with Chick Fil A, fried foods, and basically anything that’s unhealthy… 😀


As a camper for 3 years, Jenn has made a lot of lasting friendships, memories and can’t wait to make many more, and this time around, as a counselor! She’s counting down to the days she gets to meet all of you guys and can’t wait to have fun with y’all!!


Fun fact: Jenn has an identical twin sister who goes to the University of Southern California, so if you see ever see doubles of her… Don’t be shocked!


Stephan Loh – Counselor

North Potomac, MD

University of Maryland – College Park, 2020

Camper: 8 years (2009 – 2016)

Counselor: First year!


Stephan likes haikus
Loves Honey Nut Cheerios

That covers it all


Just kidding, there’s more

A rising Junior, Comp Sci
With music minor


Back to Cheerios
Always get Cedar Rapids
They are the best kind

Just ask Stephan Loh

He ate 50+ boxes
In this past school year


Okay you’re probably tired of reading that broken English. Besides Honey Nut Cheerios, Stephan also loves playing soccer and volleyball, reading wuxia, and cleaning. Each week, he looks forward to Fridays the most because he gets to clean his entire suite!


WMACS has been Stephan’s most anticipated week of the summer for years. From being that bu guai B2 to that qi guai B6, WMACS has been a transformative experience and place of growth for Stephan through the years. Although internships prevented him from coming last year, he’s thrilled to come back and help make camp as amazing as it was for him. He also recently started journaling and can’t wait to reflect on a wonderful week of camp!


George Sun – Counselor in Training



San Francisco, CA

University of California – Berkeley, 2013

Camper: 0 years

Counselor: First year!


I was born and raised in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and graduated from UC Berkeley studying Environmental Biology and Music. Growing up, I attended the Northern California Flute Camp (an overnight summer program) for over 9 years in a row. I have an undying love for summer camps and believe they provide welcome relief and important social skills to children who are becoming increasingly overwhelmed with life and it’s complexities.


After my undergraduate degree, I started volunteering for LYF, a Taiwanese American leadership camp that reignited my interest and passion for community development. I love being in nature, hanging out with my friends and family, and looking at pretty things. One of my wishes in life is to tap a Maple tree and taste its fresh syrup. I like to think I’m a pretty big goofball but am otherwise pretty serious about most things in life.


James Jung – Videographer



Manassas, VA

Virginia Tech, 2019

Camper: 0 years

Media: 1 year (2017)


Hobbies: Dancing, videography, gaming, cooking

Sports: Ultimate Frisbee, Bowling, Tennis.

James is a rising senior at Virginia Tech majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Math. He spends a majority of his off-time dancing with his team Dancing’s Our Poison. His favorite hobbies are dancing, cooking and eating; he often says that his dream job is to be a food critic. This summer will be his second time at WMACS and he is really excited to be working as the videographer!


David Luc – Photographer



Rockville, MD

Montgomery College, TBA

Camper: 0

Media: First Year! (2018)


Hobbies: Photography, Vlogging, Editing, Gaming

Sports: Volleyball, Hiking, Biking

Here’s a short story of how and why I became a photographer…

One day I came across a box of old cameras and photographs that were taken by my grandfather, father, and my brother dated back in 1920s to 2006. Looking at the pictures, I felt things that I didn’t understand so I decided to take some photography classes in high school. Learning all that I could in 2 years was a bit of a challenge but extremely fun. After 2 years, I finally understood what I felt but realized later that the last photograph was taken in 2006 so I decided to take over and continue their work but in my perspective. Going down this path I set out a goal for myself and that is to tell the world’s story, to show people what is going on out there in the world that isn’t being told. To capture all the perfect moments that will create unforgettable and beautiful memories that will put a smile on people’s faces.