Steph Shao – Head Counselor

Bethesda, MD
University of Maryland, College Park, 2017
Camper: 3 years (2010-13)
Counselor: 3 years (2014-16)

Steph is currently a senior at the University of Maryland; majoring in Family Science, and minoring in Asian American Studies. This summer, she’s working on a few local and international projects; but the one she’s most excited for is definitely camp.

In case you didn’t know, Steph loves puppies (she recently adopted a six-week old rescue lab!), and baking (insert Chocolate Therapy reference from last year). Her ideal summer day would probably consist of these two on rotation, plus hiking! Definitely an explorer at heart, Steph loves learning both about places and people. So, if you ever need anyone to talk to, she’ll be there.

Fun fact – Steph will be traveling to Europe for a study abroad program this Fall, so if you have any site or food recommendations, be sure to let her know. 

Can’t wait to see you all at camp! <3

Andrew Chang – Head Counselor

Potomac, MD
University of Maryland College Park, 2018
Camper: 6 years (2007-11, 2014)
Counselor: 2 years (2015, 2016)

Andrew is a rising senior at the University of Maryland, College Park and is majoring in Finance and Accounting. This summer, he’s interning at Grant Thornton, an accounting firm, but is also working full-time at his 3rd year back to camp (1st year as head counselor) to make this year’s WMACS summer camp the best ever! Hit me up if you ever want to talk about life, camp, or have any ideas for making WMACS great again (not that it wasn’t already great before) 

Some hobbies (in no particular order): Watching movies/tv shows (Game of Thrones fans hmu), playing tennis, Wushu, Hearthstone, Super smash bros (Project M), poker, Mario Kart 8 for Wii, sleeping

Some accomplishments: performing Wushu in an NBA Halftime show, winning a male beauty pageant, memorizing almost all the lines to the Harry Potter and Star Wars movies

Nicknames: Khalifa, Big Shot, Changman, Mr. D-lightful

Here’s a little poem about his WMACS experience:

Oh WMACS summer camp,
how long has it been,
Another year’s gone by,
And here you are again

I’ve loved you since I was young,
Came here and met a bunch of friends,
Don’t know what I’d do without them
Cause we’ll all be friends until the end.

Emily Hwang – Counselor

Chantilly, VA
Virginia Tech, 2019
Camper: 10 Years
Counselor: 1 Year (2016)

In Northern Virginia born and raised
In the dance studio is where I spend most of my days
Sleepin’, Cookin’ up soup, eatin’ all cool
And studyin’ some Finance and Marketing in school
When a couple of guys were up to no good
I beat them up because I used to do Wushu.

Emily is a rising Junior at Virginia Tech with a double major in Finance and Marketing. If you do not get the above reference, you are tooo young. You can catch her..tripping on flat surfaces, making weird noises, and trying to be bougie. Emily has grown up with WMACS since she was seven years old and considers WMACS her second home. Her bestest friends have come from WMACS so she is excited to come back for her second year and see friendships and bonds be made. Also to laugh at campers during our games.

Aza Shiao – Counselor

Frederick, MD
University of Maryland, College Park, 2020
Camper: 1 year (2016)
Counselor: First year!

Aza is a freshman Microbiology major at UMD. She loved her first and–sadly–only year at WMACS so much that she decided to return as counselor this year! Aza likes sketching, music, hiking in her hometown, and spontaneous adventures. She also likes her sleep, so she dislikes campers who are bu guai after lights out.

At just 5 feet 2 inches, Aza will blend right in with all you campers. But don’t worry: what she lacks in height, she makes up for in personality. You’ll always find her with a big grin on her face, so come tell her all about your favorite hobbies, your camp crushes, or that weird-looking mole on your arm.

Mia Deng – Counselor

Rockville, MD
University of Maryland College Park, 2020
Camper: 1 year (2016)
Counselor: First year!

Mia is currently pursuing a degree in Dietetics, meaning she likes and wants to help people live happy, healthy lives. Despite this, Mia loves to do nothing but bum for hours with friends she met at WMACS last year. When she is not bumming, she is probably getting bubble tea (black milk tea with herbal jelly)! She may look mean, but she’s really soft on the inside and wants you to know you can come to her for anything!

Mia is super pumped for camp. Although she has only been to camp for one year, Mia absolutely loves WMACS. She loves the activities, the people, and the general ambiance that comes with meeting new people and seeing all these wonderful new faces. She met her best friends at camp and wants to help you find your lifetime friends as well. Mia can’t wait to see you all at camp!

Ethan Liu – Counselor

Potomac, MD
UMD Spring Transfer, 2020
Camper: 6 years (2009-2011,2013-2014,2016 )
Counselor: First Time!

Ethan is currently transitioning schools right now. He started out at Purdue University, but found that it wasn’t to his liking. He then decided to transfer to Montgomery College. He next plans to transfer to UMD for the Spring Semester. Once there, he hopes to figure out what to study for the next few years. He also intends on walking onto the UMD Track team thanks to a good word put in by his training partner, Thea LaFond, UMD alumni and Olympian. Thanks Thea. That being said, he really, really loves track. His favorite event is the Long jump. Aside track, his hobbies include drawing and reading.

Ethan loves everything about WMACS. Ever since his third year, he has dreamt about being a counselor. The two years that he had to take off of WMACS (2012, 2015) were spent wistfully thinking about his friends, and missing them quite a lot. Ethan heard about WMACS through some of his best friends, and made even more friends once at camp. He’s excited to once again experience camp, only this time as a counselor!

George Wu – Counselor

Rockville, MD
University of Maryland College Park, 2020
Camper: 5 years (2009, 10, 14-16)
Counselor: First year

George is currently a rising sophomore at the University of Maryland, majoring in Information Systems with a minor in Spanish. Because of that minor in Spanish, if you ever need a translation to Despacito and you don’t feel like just looking it up, then you know who to go to. George enjoys playing games, cooking, reading (but don’t tell his friends), and he used to enjoy lifting and playing sports until a tragic thumb accident earlier this year put him out of commission for a while. Apart from that, he also enjoys eating double digit plates of meat at Iron Age every single time he goes.

His birthday is January 9, 1999 so if you’re older than him, make sure to make fun of him for it. No one loves WMACS as much as he does, so don’t be scared to have a conversation with him about it this year at camp!

Julia Maa – Counselor

North Potomac, MD
University of Maryland College Park, 2019
Camper: 8 years (2008-15)
Counselor: 1 year (2016)

Julia (aka Babymaa/Baby) is a rising Junior at the University of Maryland, College Park majoring in Public Health Science. She hopes to run a world class hospital one day, where everyone will get the best treatment possible.
Outside of school, Julia enjoys binge-watching Netflix (mainly FRIENDS), taking long naps, consuming an unhealthy amount of French fries and bubble tea, and going on late night drives while blasting old songs that will make her cry. She also has a very unhealthy obsession with her two cats and brand new rat, so she will probably show you countless pictures of them even if you don’t ask (just kidding! But she would still love to talk about anything animal related :D)

As a camper for 8 consecutive years and counselor for one, you can probably tell Julia loves everything and anything involving WMACS and cannot wait to return back for her second year as a counselor!! Coming in at a little under 5 feet tall, she might be hard to spot at times (please don’t mistake her for a G1). Julia is so excited to meet all of you, so please don’t hesitate to come up and say hi/chat!

Albert Wang – Counselor

Rockville, MD
University of Maryland, College Park, 2020
Camper: 3 years (2013, 2015-16)
Counselor: First year!

Albert is a freshman computer science and math major at the University of Maryland, College Park. He likes cooking and exploring. One time he made a dumpling inside of a dumpling. Another time he snuck onto the roof of Trump hotel. Another time he made tea eggs but replaced the tea with Coke. Another time he went scuba diving.

Albert’s looking forward to a great year at camp!

P.S. I’ve never been scuba diving

Jimmy Ho – Counselor

Rockville, MD
University of Maryland College Park, 2020
Camper: 7 years (2010-2016)
Counselor: First year

Jimmy is a rising sophomore at the University of Maryland. He is a philosopher so if you’re ever in the mood to ponder, hit him up. He enjoys playing sports, playing video games, working out, and listening to Justin Bieber. With experience as a lifeguard, his senses are sharply attuned, so no one’s drowning during water games this year! WMACS has been a big part of his summer for 7 years, and he is ecstatic to come back this year as a counselor!

As mentioned before, Jimmy would love to take his talents to Frostburg to rescue the kids from drowning during water games. His lifeguarding abilities are unmatched, as is his excitement for WMACS this year. Jimmy can’t wait for July this year so that he can share his love for camp with all the campers, counselors, and staff!

Talia Lee – Counselor

University of Virginia, 2019
Camper: 6 years
Counselor: 1 year (2016)

Talia is a rising third year computer science major at the University of Virginia. Her dream is to become a swoll superstar DJ one day, but is far from reaching her goals. Talia enjoys volleyball, video games, derping around, guffawing, dancing poorly, and EDM. She also has a burning passion for bubble tea and chocolate chip cookies, and likes to think of herself as a boba connoisseur.

After being a camper for several years and counselor for 1 year, Talia is excited to return as a counselor again and help make WMACS a memorable experience this year!

David Ho – Counselor

Rockville, MD
University of Maryland, College Park, 2019
Camper: 6 years (2010-15)
Counselor: 1 year (2016)

David is entering his junior year at the University of Maryland studying Biochemistry and pursuing his dream to become a doctor. Other than his chosen career path that would make his ancestors proud, David has previously learned how to play piano, violin, and Chinese yo-yo, has attempted to play volleyball and break dance (before realizing he will never be good enough to show off at WMACS) and even rowed for his Chinese school’s dragon boat team (if you haven’t noticed, David does a lot of Asian stuff). When he isn’t stressing over life itself, David enjoys wasting his life away being bad at League of Legends, being bad at Counter-Strike, and using Spotify to satisfy his obsession with Disney songs.

After having a fun first year as a counselor, David is so excited to come back to camp for his second year as a counselor! He can’t wait to return to the amazing Frostburg cafeteria food and meet all the new campers!

P.S. David isn’t mad at you, that’s just what his face always looks like.

Katherine Liu – Counselor

University of Maryland, College Park
Camper: 3 years
Counselor: 1 year (2016)

Hello, this will be my second year as counselor and I’m super excited to be a counselor again. My hobbies include playing volleyball, eating lots of food, watching TV shows and movies, and sleeping. I’m super excited to meet all the campers, counselors, staff, teachers, and parents. I cannot wait until July for the summer camp and I look forward to having lots of fun with everyone!

Johnny Lee – Counselor

Potomac, MD
University of Maryland, College Park, 2017
Camper: 2 years (2012-13)
Counselor: 1 year (2015)

Johnny recently graduated from UMD majoring in biology. He is currently taking a gap year in hope of getting accepted to graduate school. You can find Johnny playing any kind of PC game, lifting at the gym, or lazing around doing nothing.

Johnny’s first year as a counselor was one of the best times he had at camp. Although he missed out on the last year of camp, he’s so excited to be back and can’t wait to see all the faces, new and old.

Jocelyn Lee – Counselor

Ellicott City, MD
University of Maryland – College Park, 2016-present
Camper: 7 years (2009-13, 15-16)
Counselor: 0 years (This is my first!)

Jocelyn is currently studying at the University of Maryland working towards a Bachelor’s in Animal Science and hopes to go to Veterinary School after college to complete a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine Degree. As of right now, she wants to work with companion animals however she is leaning more towards exotic animals and working in a rehabilitation center. She loves to dance and has been dancing for 14 years! She is currently on the Maryland Dance Team and dances at the football and basketball games. She also likes making crafts, baking, and cats. Feel free to show her any pictures of cats during camp 

Jocelyn’s favorite parts about camp are the memories and the bonds that are made. As a camper, she has had priceless experiences and has met some of her closest friends. She is so excited to be on the counselor team and she can’t wait to meet all the campers and experience WMACS with everyone!


Raymond Bao – Counselor

Potomac, MD
University of Maryland College Park, 2020
Camper: 3 years (2014 – 2016)
Counselor: First year

Raymond is currently studying at University of Maryland, College Park getting his degree in computer science. He is thinking about what else he is interested in so he can pick up another minor. In his first year of college, he obtained an unhealthy addiction to EDM music and House of Cards. The only time he isn’t bumming/vegetating is when he goes to the gym every night.

Raymond is very excited about being a counselor this year. He met some of his closest friends at camp, and it played a huge role in his personal growth. He wants to provide the campers the same great experience he had as a camper.

Jason Chern – Counselor

Rockville, MD
University of Maryland, College Park, 2019
Camper: 2 years (2014-15)
Counselor: 1 year (2016)

Hey campers! My name is Jason Chern and I am so excited to be coming back to camp as YOUR counselor for my second year in a row! Here are some things about this good old fella (jk he’s actually not that old). I am currently an upcoming Junior at the University of Maryland, College Park and is studying Information Science. Other than constantly doing homework, I enjoy working out at the gym and playing Overwatch as some of my favorite hobbies. If you ever need to a fire for your smores, you can be sure to ask me and I will get one for you started right away! Besides working this summer, I will be eagerly waiting to see your happy faces at camp!

Matthew Tung – Counselor

Olney, Maryland
University of Maryland College Park, 2020
Camper: 9 years (2008-16)
Counselor: 1st year

Matthew is currently studying Computer Science at the University of Maryland, College Park. He was Undecided earlier in the year, but he has high hopes in making a lot of money as a CS Major. A few of his favorite things to do are to sleep, play basketball, or to eat pizza. I mean, he really loves pizza. Also, he claims he’s the 3 point master, so if anyone wants to challenge him, then he’ll always take on a challenge. A cool fact about him is that he actually slept 14 hours straight without waking up, pretty impressive right? Another thing to know is that he’s pretty short and small, so don’t mistake him for a camper. Other than that, he loves jokes and will probably laugh at any joke you say, regardless of how bad it is.

Matt’s favorite week of the year is definitely WMACS. He has been to camp for so many years, and now has the opportunity to be a counselor. He is very excited to join the counselor team and is ready to meet all the new campers! He has met so many close friends at camp and is thrilled to get to know many more!

Glenna Zhang – Counselor

Potomac, MD
Cornell University, 2020
Camper: 6 years (2011-16)
Counselor: First time!

Glenna is a freshman at Cornell University and intends to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Her favorite form of stress-relief and fun is singing, especially with a group of friends at karaoke. She also enjoys Chinese dance, which she recently started partaking in. Whenever she can find some spare time, which is basically never, she likes to chill by making smoothies, baking, watching movies/YouTube, surfing Facebook for quality memes, or playing video games like League of Legends and Civilization (no shame).

WMACS has, for a long time, been an important part of Glenna’s life, and she’s super excited to be able to come back as a counselor and experience camp in a new light while creating more memories with everyone. If you ever want to talk to her about anything, don’t be shy and just shoot her a message!

Side note: Let her know if you ever need colorful pens when writing notes to people- she’ll be bringing a ton of those.

Justin Wu – Counselor

Rockville, MD
University of Maryland College Park, 2020
Camper: 11 years (2006-2016) 
Counselor: 0 years (first year!)

Justin is currently studying Neurobiology and Physiology at the University of Maryland at College Park. However, he has decided that he wants to move away and hopefully major in Computer Science in the future.

Justin likes: Any sort of gummy candy, especially trolli sour brite gummy worms as well as haribo gummy bears, curling and benching multiple times a week, mint chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, Iron Age, volleyball, anything from McDonalds- especially the 2 for $2.50 deal, and WMACS, which he loves more than all of the rest of the things combined

This year, Justin is extremely excited to be a first year counselor. As you can see, he just couldn’t resist camp and had to come back every year ever since he was a mere boy of 7 years old. He really can’t wait to be part of a great counselor team at the best camp in the world!!!

Claudia Chang – Media/Counselor

Gaithersburg, MD
Maryland Institute College of Art, 2018
Camper: 5 years (2009-10, 12-14)
Media: 1 years (2015)
Counselor: 1 year (2016)

Claudia is currently a rising senior at Maryland Institute College of Art, MICA for short, majoring in Architectural Design. If she isn’t in the studio working till she’s kicked out of the building she is in her room sleeping, eating, or watching dramas! If by chance she has free time and isn’t sleeping she is out exploring Baltimore and all the amazing food places to be. Claudia also enjoys driving fast cars and talking about her insanely long list of dream cars and motorcycles to anyone who will listen.

She loves to travel and hopes to be able to visit everywhere and everything. She has just come back from studying abroad in Denmark. She went to a total of 11 countries and too many cities to count. She spent more time traveling than studying.

Claudia is super excited to be able to go back to camp this year and spend time with her friends and make new friends!! WMACS is the best week all summer and has loved it since her first day of camp. She hopes to be able to create the same great experiences she had for other campers too.

James Jung – Media/Videographer

Virginia Tech, 2019
First time at WMACS

Hobbies: Dancing, videography, gaming, cooking
Sports: Ultimate Frisbee, Bowling, Tennis James is a rising junior at Virginia Tech majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Math. He spends a majority of his off-time dancing with his team Dancing’s Our Poison. His favorite hobbies are dancing, cooking and eating; he often says that his dream job is to be a food critic. This summer will be his first time at WMACS and he is really excited to be working as the videographer!